Lessons from a Diversity Conference

Update: In June 2018, I left Morocco looking for new challenges and growth opportunities. In July 2018, I began my journey as a Spanish and Social Studies Teacher serving African American middle school girls in southeast Washington, D.C.  On February 5, five seventh graders and I attended “Be Seen. Be Heard: A Middle School Diversity... Continue Reading →

A Poem Inspired by Eid al Adha

This year, I had the opportunity to witness the Moroccan Eid al Adha rituals in their entirety, including the slaughter and butchering of a sheep. On Friday, my student invited me to his house to celebrate the holiday with his family. The images of that day were to me simply beautiful, and they inspired me... Continue Reading →

One of my favorite things about Ramadan in Morocco is the custom of sharing food with your neighbors. This week, my neighbor has shown up at my door with delicious food 3 times! It's amazing that even on nights when I am not invited for ftour (breakfast meal) at someone's house, people still manage to... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Why I’m Fasting on Ramadan

"You're fasting?" My twenty-something student shot me an incredulous glance before diverting his eyes back to the road. He had offered to drive me to Marjan, a sort of Moroccan Walmart which sits on the outskirts of the city. We set out at 4pm in the afternoon, just a few hours before ftoor, the meal... Continue Reading →

10 Lessons I Learned as a New Teacher

During Fall term, I had the opportunity to teach six classes simultaneously, my largest course load yet. As one can imagine, this gave me many chances to screw up! Here are the lessons I learned this term: 1. Control your emotions. I had the most difficult teaching moment of my life a few weeks ago when a student... Continue Reading →

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