The Most Difficult Teaching Moment of My Life

I had the most difficult teaching moment of my life on Tuesday. When I posed a warm-up question to the class: “If you could have dinner with any person in the world (alive or dead), who would it be?”, the first student I called on answered “Hitler.” When I brought up the 12 million people he murdered, another student said that “they deserved to die.” I was shocked and heartbroken to hear this. Moreover, I was disappointed that none of my students spoke out against what she had said.

Yet, there was a small hint of understanding – after class, one student insisted on erasing the board for me, a sign of respect. Another student invited me to a scholarship presentation ceremony that his NGO (Association Mohammed VI) was running. I later found out that he intended to honor me as a surprise by having me award one student with a merit scholarship!

Today, when I saw the class again, I proceeded with the lesson as my normal, cheery self. After class, three students told me that I was their “favorite teacher,” and one even apologized for what that student had said during the previous class. Another student offered to drive me home.

Though there is darkness in the world, I remain inspired and invigorated by the kindness of the people I meet. I remain focused on becoming a strong teacher and giving 110% to my students!


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