Lessons from a Diversity Conference

Update: In June 2018, I left Morocco looking for new challenges and growth opportunities. In July 2018, I began my journey as a Spanish and Social Studies Teacher serving African American middle school girls in southeast Washington, D.C.  On February 5, five seventh graders and I attended “Be Seen. Be Heard: A Middle School Diversity... Continue Reading →

10 Lessons I Learned as a New Teacher

During Fall term, I had the opportunity to teach six classes simultaneously, my largest course load yet. As one can imagine, this gave me many chances to screw up! Here are the lessons I learned this term: 1. Control your emotions. I had the most difficult teaching moment of my life a few weeks ago when a student... Continue Reading →

Starting a New Career

I have been living in Morocco for three months today. I am full of gratitude for my life here. I have learned and grown so much and so quickly. First, I co-taught with Head Teacher Khadija, who showed me how to keep students engaged through movement and games. Then, for the first time, I taught... Continue Reading →

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